Revamped Genesis GV80 and first coupe sibling unveiled

게임 2023-12-06 19:45:53 93373

Hyundai Motor Group on Tuesday unveiled the updates to its high-end brand Genesis’ sport utility vehicles, the GV80 and GV80 Coupe, in Korea.

“Our latest design masterpieces -- the new GV80 and GV80 coupe -- will play a key role in further establishing Genesis as a truly original Korean luxury brand,” said Graeme Russell, Genesis chief brand officer, during a press conference in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province.

“Building upon our foundation here in Korea, our global momentum is growing stronger. In only eight years, we have launched a complete lineup of sedans and SUVs and established a presence in 17 markets around the world, with nearly 60 Genesis experience spaces across all regions,” he added.

The brand’s first flagship SUV GV80 has been given a facelift after three years and nine months, with upgrades to its design and convenience features, according to Ahn Se-jin, director of the Genesis Project 2.

The car’s double-meshed radiator grille, which was added to the Genesis’ signature crest grille, boasts a more elegant image compared to the previous model. The headlamp adopted a cutting-edge Micro Lens Array technology, which was used in the G90 sedan.

Presenting simplicity in the driver’s seat, the car has a 27-inch OLED wide display that combines the cluster and dashboard for the first time. Instead of using physical buttons, the models' Audio, Video, Navigation or AVN keyboard and controller panel both adopted touchscreen controls.

In response to customer feedback, the GV80 allows for separate air conditioning controls for the first, second and third rows. It also reduces road noise during driving by using 22-inch sound absorbing tires.




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