XG storms back with 'New DNA'

게임 2023-12-06 18:50:46 2659

Japanese K-pop band XG returned to the music scene on Wednesday with its first EP "New DNA."

The latest release by the seven-piece girl group comes nine months after the launch of the third single "Shooting Star" in January.

"New DNA" is a six-track package expanding on XG's sonic scape, weaving through multiple new genres the likes of UK Drill and Jersey Club to the group's essential hip-hop and R&B sound.

The album is led by the title song "Puppet Show" and includes five sidetracks, "GRL GVNG" (read as "girl gang"), "TGIF," "New Dance," "Hesonoo" and "X-Gene."

At the helm of the album is Jakops, also known as Simon Sakai, the executive producer of XG who has worked with numerous K-pop artists, including Beenzino, Ailee and Amber of f(x). The Japanese producer led the overall production of XG's new album, including the songs, concept development, music video and performance.

On June 30, "GRL GVNG" was pre-released from the album and earned the band's first Billboard chart No. 1 by nabbing the top spot on Billboard Hot Trending Songs Powered By Twitter chart. The single also topped iTunes hip-hop/rap song chart in 13 countries.

XG -- consisting of Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Juria, Maya and Cocona -- is an all Japanese team that debuted in March 2022 under Japanese label Xgalx. Having debuted through the notorious K-pop idol training system, the group is considered a K-pop group and performs globally.

With three singles released under its belt, "Tippy Toes," "Mascara" and "Shooting Star," the septet has gained a fair share of international popularity and performed at the major US music fest Head in the Clouds in New York in May and in California in August.




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